English Department


The English Language and Literature Department - in its current configuration - was set up in 1995, when the restructuring of the Faculty of Letters took place. However, Degrees in English go back to the 1960's at Oradea Pedagogical Institute, as the University of Oradea was called at that time.

Both at B.A. Degree levels and M.A. Degree levels there is a constant preoccupation to make curricular areas cohere with the principles of the Bologna Declaration; this is apparent in the modular structure of the courses, in the broadening of the offer of optional courses, in ensuring adequate expertise according to qualifications.

There are several strands distinguishable in the staff's teaching and research activities; firstly regarding teaching activities, that aim at a good student-teacher collaboration, secondly, at providing a nurturing educational milieu for our undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Equally saliently, the staff's commitment to research is regarded as being of paramount importance. This commitment to research gathers the teaching staff around joint research endeavours stemming from collective research themes in the fields of cultural studies, literature and literary criticism, or linguistics. Research is then turned-to-account through the delivery of papers at national and international conferences and the subsequent publication of papers in journals and conference proceedings. This very participation in national and international conferences, seminars or workshops positions our Department's staff on a high level of national and international academic visibility, and thus makes our staff members valuable assets to this institution.

Our students have the opportunity to study abroad due to academic collaborations such as the Erasmus Programme partnerships we have with universities in France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Scotland, Sweden etc (see International Relations). These collaborations also provide the teaching staff with the opportunity to access mobility grants and thus teach abroad.

It is also worth mentioning that starting with 1996 until 2000, in collaboration with the British Council in Romania, we undertook the project of cultural rapprochement between the two countries by inviting Romanian and British writers, along with academics, journalists, translators, Romanian students, to the Romanian-British colloquium of contemporary literature 'British-Romanian Contemporary Writing Seminar' held in Baile Felix.

Among the cultural projects initiated by the department of English Language and Literature we mention The Reading Club held for pupils in primary schools in Oradea and the Students' Drama Club more....

In recent years, apart from the regular yearly Conference of our Department - Seminars in Anglophone Studies, - we have also initiated and held a Biennial Conference exclusively organized by our Department ('Cultural Texts and Contexts in the English Speaking World') that boasts both national and international participation in each of its editions and that has gained a good reputation amongst academics in the field of British and American Studies in Romania and abroad.

Department Council:

Head of departament: Lect. dr. Giulia Suciu

Contact: gsuciu@uoradea.ro

Members:conf. dr. Claudia Leah

Contact: cleah@uoradea.ro

lect. dr. Ioana Cistelecan

Contact: icistelecan@uoradea.ro

Staff members

Prof. univ. dr. Teodor MATEOC

Area of expertise: English and American Literature; American Studies

Courses: British Literary Modernism; American Literature; Paradigms of American Identity

Contact: tmateoc@uoradea.ro

Office: 018 | Office hours:

Conf. univ. dr. Claudia LEAH

Area of expertise: Contemporary English Language (Morphology and Syntax); Discourse Analysis

Courses: Contemporary English Language - Morphology (lectures); and Syntax (lectures and seminars); Discourse Analysis (lectures)

Contact: cleah@uoradea.ro

Office: | Office hours: Tuesday 10-12

Lect. univ. dr. Maria Elena GHERDAN

Area of expertise: ELT Methodology; Applied Linguistics: Pragmatics; Language Testing; Research Methods in Language Teaching; Academic Writing

Courses: ELT Methodology; Pragmatics; Academic Writing

Contact: egherdan@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours: Tuesday 16-18

Lect. univ. dr. Adina PRUTEANU

Area of expertise: Contemporary English Language; Poetics and Stylistics (the expressiveness of discourses of parody)

Courses: Contemporary English Language: Lexicology (lectures and seminars) and Morphology (seminars)

Contact: apruteanu@uoradea.ro

Office:C018 | Office hours:Tuesday 10-12

Lect. univ. dr. Andrada MARINĂU

Area of expertise: English; Comparative Literature

Courses: Language, History and Religion in Great Britain; Translation (practical course)

Contact: amarinau@uoradea.ro

Office: 018 | Office hours: Friday 12-14

Lect. univ. dr. Mihaela OGĂŞANU

Area of expertise: Twentieth Century British and American Literature, The American Women Novelists of the South (Carson Mc Cullers)

Courses: Text Analysis (practical course); American Women Novelists; English Literature: Restoration and Enlightenment (seminars); American Literature - 20th century American Novelists and American Drama (seminars); Literatures of the World in English, New English Literatures from Pioneers to Nobel Prize Winners (seminars)

Contact: mogasanu@uoradea.ro

Office:014 | Office hours:

Lect. univ. dr. Eva SZEKELY

Area of expertise: Anglo-Irish Literature

Courses: Irish Studies; Creative Writing; Art Nouveau Literature

Contact: eszekely@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours: Wednesday 12-14

Lect. univ. dr. Giulia SUCIU

Area of expertise: English Phonetics and Phonology; Gender Studies; Media Studies

Courses: B.A. Degree courses: English Phonetics and Phonology (lectures and seminars); Techniques of Communication (practical course); M.A. Degree courses: 'Post' as in Post-industrialism, Post-structuralism, Post-colonialism, Postmodernism, Post-feminism, Post-communism (seminars)

Contact: gsuciu@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours: Friday 12-14

Lect. univ. dr. Ioana CISTELECAN

Area of expertise: English and American Literature; Romanian Literature

Courses: B.A. Degree courses: American Literature (seminars); American Studies (lectures and seminars); English Literature (seminars); M.A. Degree courses: European Modernism (lectures and seminars)

Contact: icistelecan@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours:Tuesday 12-14

Lect. univ. drd. Anemona ALB

Area of expertise: Old, Medieval and Renaissance English Literature; Modern and Postmodern English Literature (20th century literature); British Culture and Civilization; Pop Culture; Gender Studies

Courses: British Culture and Civilization (lectures); Pop Culture (lectures); Old, Medieval and Renaissance English Literature (seminars); 20th century British Literature: Modernism in Britain (seminars); 20th century British Literature: Postmodernism in Britain (seminars); Text Analysis (practical course)

Contact: aalb@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours:Tuesday 16-18

Lect. univ. dr. Mădălina PANTEA

Area of expertise: English; ELT Methodology; Comparative Literature

Courses: Translation (practical course); ELT Methodology (seminars)

Contact: mapantea@uoradea.ro

Office:018 | Office hours: